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Shining a light on Maidenhead Hockey Club

'Sports Pitch Consultants' installs new, more energy efficient lighting

Maidenhead Hockey Club has invested £45,000 in re-lamping its eight-column flood lighting system at the Altwood School Astro in Maidenhead, its home ground, working with Sports Pitch Consultants.

The Club has installed 28 LEDs, which produce a much whiter light more akin to daylight  - with two settings, one for training and one for matches. At a time when rising energy prices are regularly hitting the headlines, the Club anticipates that this new, more energy efficient lighting, will result in annual cost savings of around 40% to 50%

In addition to reduced energy consumption and fuel bills, the new lighting offers some additional benefits to the Club. Improved visibility is set to greatly assist the umpires during later afternoon/evening matches, as well as making it safer for the players on the pitch. With a reduced light glow, the new lights also delivery significantly less light pollution – great news for the pitch’s neighbours and local nature.

One final benefit to the hockey club is the use of a smartphone app to switch the lights On and Off remotely.

Some of the many factors which needed to be taken into account were the reduction of column head loads so that the existing columns could be reused and then examination of the windage ratings of the new LEDs.

The new floodlights took three days to install and we took light level measurements for a before and after comparison.

Jonathan Crowther, of Sports Pitch Consultants said: “The new lighting has been a significant investment for Maidenhead Hockey Club, but we are already reaping the benefits. It is so much safer for the players and their umpires are reporting how much easier it is for them to oversee the games. With their home pitch at Altwood School, it is great that the school will also now benefit”.

After a competitive tender process with 5 companies quoting, Christy Lighting was selected as the most appropriate supplier due to their timescales and the ability to use our existing lamp columns which felt a much greener approach to the upgrade.

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