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No More Mud for Ecton Brook Primary School

Ecton Brook Primary School faced a problem, the impact of mud being transmitted to the school building because of an often muddy and waterlogged sports pitch. By way of a solution we delivered a 1,290m2 Multi Use Games Area on a green field site for a Northamptonshire Primary school.


How were we able to help

We provided full project management and were able to provide a list of suitable contractors for selection, contractors that were known to specialise in Multi Use Games Areas.

We were able to advise the school on which particular playing surface (out of a choice of four) was most suitable for the age of the children and the intended use of the facility.

With that decision made we were able to advise which surface offered best monetary value.

What challenges did we overcome?

The construction had to take place in between school terms so rigorous and accurate scheduling was important.

You can never predict the weather and we had to carry this through during one of the wettest winters in recent memory with mud getting everywhere!

We had to take account of a new drainage system for a new housing development that was being installed right across and underneath our MUGA site.

Why was the project undertaken now and why were we chosen?

The school had a problem. During winter months the school’s grass fields were becoming waterlogged, muddy and slippery which meant that children were becoming really dirty with mud all over their shoes and clothes. The school needed to keep their children (and classrooms) cleaner and clearly it was important that exercise should continue

Having obtained some quotations our prices offered good value and were within the expected budgetary range.

One factor was that the school was an academy with their own funding in place so could make its own strategic decisions.

What solutions did we recommend?

We selected a principal contractor (Blakedown Sport and Play Ltd)

We installed an “Edel 3T” carpet laid over a SBR rubber shockpad cushion

The fencing was 4.0 high to help keep footballs within the playing area.

What were the benefits?

The school now has a really useful Multi Use Games Area for the school children to use for different sports, no more waterlogged and unusable grass field.

The school is able to maximise the use of the available sports facilities

Ecton Brook sports pitch

Ecton Brook multi use sports pitch

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