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Recycling worn out surfaces

I attended the Sports Facility Show held at the Madejski Stadium, Reading on 9th June 2015 which was sponsored by Get Berkshire Active and SAPCA – The Sports and Play Construction Association.

I raised the question of recycling worn out carpet at the open forum seminar.

Interestingly enough there is soon to be a requirement for recycling carpet and infill for all grant funded facilities.

Currently most worn out carpet, infill and shock pad is being send to landfill.

The current cost to take up worn out surfaces and recycle them is around £20,000.00 pounds which puts most contractors and clients off from doing this.

There are various systems being tried which break up the carpet into its constituents and do the same to the shock pad and I would expect more contractors to enter this market place hopefully bringing the cost down.

There is also a possibility of sending used carpet abroad to the third world but this system has not been developed by anyone yet.

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