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Do you want to create the perfect pitch for your budget - one that provides all the playability you need with minimal maintenance?  

Let our 20 years of successful project management experience guide you through the whole process. 



We are happy to undertake a survey of your site. We offer this free of charge to anyone within a 20 mile radius of our office (in High Wycombe). If you are more than 20 miles away we will need to charge you for travel and subsistence. Please contact us for more information.


6 Secrets for creating THE PERFECT SPORTS PITCH

Get these right and you could save £1,000s on your pitch.

1. Get an independent site survey.

A good location is vital. Even moving your site a few metres could save you serious money now and on future maintenance.

2. Do you need a perfectly level pitch?

Most sports don’t require the extra expense of a ‘spirit-level perfect’ flat surface. Why pay for it if you’ll never need it? Get a professional opinion on your specification. This step alone could make you a serious saving.

3. Plan now for future savings.

If you want to add extras later e.g. lighting, fencing, power. Consider adding key parts of the infrastructure in the initial project plan. Now’s the key time to plan for future savings.

4. Choose the right surface.

Ask a contractor and you may end up with surface that suits them but not you. Professional, unbiased advice is essential to get the right surface.

5. Get a watertight tender.

A robust tender document, professionally prepared, leaves no room for doubt about ‘hidden costs’ or a contractor’s obligations. The best tenders always deliver the best quotes.

6. Appoint a professional, independent Project Manager.

Here’s the best secret of all. Make this one decision and you’ll get everything you need: unlimited expert advice and guidance, a robust tender procedure, hands-on project management from start to finish.


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Click on our unique PITCH CALCULATOR – it’s a simple, interactive guide to creating a pitch budget. We’ll email you an estimate based on your choices. Then we’ll work with you to refine that estimate so that it delivers the perfect pitch for your budget.


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